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Girl Hiking in Mountains

This is a young adult group where we will catch up on a regular basis have food and fellowship together, go on adventures, pray for each other talk about different topics. 


Our heart is to equip you guys to grow personally and in your Faith! To go and walk forward together into the freedom of the Kingdom of God and be liberated 

When: Fortnightly Sunday Afternoon

Contact: Jonas or Emma-Kate


Our Whanau group is based in our family home; a warm, often noisy place which we share with our 4 children Oliver (12), Gabriel (10), Dinah (5) and Thea (2).


Our desire is simply to build quality friendships where people feel at home and to encourage spiritual growth. Our structure is very informal and would suit families and individuals of any age. 


When: First Sunday of each Month, 1 - 2.30pm

Contact: Kate Davison

CC Whanau Group

Our Whanau group is aimed at people that are wanting to do more than survive life, we aim to THRIVE.


We have child-free evenings playing games and/or eating food! Quality conversation and and opportunity to pray for one another is a must as well. 

When: Fortnightly Friday Evenings

Contact: Alistair or Laura Campbell-Cowan

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