Connect Groups


This is a womens life group which meets every Monday morning during term time at a local cafe.  It is based on the discipleship model of Jesus where questions are welcome and relationship is key.  Each Pod includes a time of teaching and a time of sharing. We value authenticity, trust, respect and inclusion.  There is a true sisterhood cultivated within Pod that makes one feel that they are never alone. Coffee and real conversations make for a healthy soul.  Tissues are always close by also!


When: Monday 9:15am (School Term)

Contact: Jacinda


We know that being a mummy to preschoolers and sitting in church hands free are rare days, so mummy pod is a time where on a Monday morning we can all come together with our preschoolers and sit round a table to share our hearts and hear the word in a safe child friendly environment.  We laugh, cry and pray together as we navigate through these beautiful, messy years alongside our other sisters. At a Mummy pod session, you can expect a hot drink, some baking if you're lucky and a great time of fellowship along with some moments of teaching.


When: Monday 10:45am (School Term)

Contact: Kate


To strengthen and build ourselves, and each other. Romans 12 : 2-5

Divas is a group of woman coming together and being equipped and challenged to apply the God given truth that transforms us. At Divas you are encouraged to build strong relationships with

one-another, realising that we all have a gift to share. Divas is an awesome place full of great testimonies, great teaching, and where people are encouraged to pray, share and be extended.

When: Fortnightly Tuesday, 7pm 

Contact: Sue or Sonja


Men with faith to come together and build friendships.


Frontline is for all men, the ones who are confident, as well as those who find life is a struggle.

It is for those men:

  • Who do not have all the answers

  • Who have had enough of religion, and who desire a relationship with God,

  • Who are locked in with addictions, feeling lost and alone, but looking to be free.

  • Who want to grow as a man and follower of Jesus.


Frontline is for men of all age groups and backgrounds. Together we will support one other without judgement, encouraging each other to face any obstacle that comes our way.

When: Fortnightly Tuesday, 7pm

Contact: Craig


Ruth Warriors is a small group for the mature women who like to have fun, fellowship and coffee.

We meet each fortnight in different cafes around Oamaru. It's a place where we have time to listen, to relax and to share our lives with each other.

When: Fortnightly Wednesday, 10.30am

Contact: Beverley